I've fallen off the wagon... fantastically...

Yesterday was my last day of work, and as a tradition, I was brought out to lunch. I decided to go to Sakae Sushi... Bad move.

It would have been fine I guess if I'd stuck to sashimi. But I had to have sushi since it was cheaper... Oh well. Here's the summary.

Special K Cereal Honey and Almond, 171 Cals
Pokka Premium Milk Coffee, 210 Cals,

3 Salmon Sushi, 192 Cals
1 Unagi Sushi, 45 Cals
1 Chuka Sushi, 63 Cals
1 Kani Chawanmushi, 164 Cals

Tea Break:
1 small cup of coffee (milk and sugar), 60 Cals
1 slice banana cake, 155 Cals

11 Chicken satay, 1161 Cals,
1 Satay peanut sauce, 141 Cals,
1 mug Tiger beer, 132 Cals,

1 Fried Maggi Mee Goreng, 312 Cals
1 Soya Bean Drink, 85 Cals

Total Calories: 2891 Cals
Total Exercise: 0!!!!


I'm sure that there will come a time where I am no longer hungry after eating a normal portioned meal. But for the timebeing, I'm hungry.

Had a Subway 6" sub for lunch and liked it so much that I had another one for dinner. Damn they taste good! I'm so used to getting a regular meal with my sub that I'm craving those cookies now. :( But one thing I won't give up, is the cheese. No matter what sub I get, I've gotta have the cheese!

So ya, I'm still hungry... Would've bought some corn, but they only had organic corn and thats $5.50! No WAY!

I'll boil an egg later I guess. Or 3/4 boil it. But I can't even think about exercises when I'm this hungry. I've gotten seriously angry in the past when I get hungry. Would have murdered anyone at that point! I think I read something about that? Like your sugar's too low? What was it called? Something with G I think...


Breakfast - Milo, 153 Cals
                  Glucosamine Sulphate supplement, 0 Cals,
                  Pokka Premium Milk Coffee, 210 Cals
Lunch - 6" Turkey Breast and Ham sub on wheat bread, with veggies, sweet onion sauce, and cheese, 363 Cals
Dinner - 6" Turkey Breast sub on wheat bread, with veggies, southwest chipotle sauce, and cheese, 366 Cals
Snack - 1 small coffee with milk and sugar, 57 Cals I think
              3/4 Boiled Egg, 70 Cals
Exercise - 15mins jogging in place (around the room...) 106 Cals
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Too tired to type much guuuhhh...

Just did a 15min of the 'HeartTrob' workout. Which is half of it. Absolutely COULD NOT CARRY ON...


Breakfast: 1/3 cup of fresh milk, 47 Cals
Lunch: Hokkien Mee, 615 Cals
Pokka Premium Milk Coffee, 105 Cals.
Snack: Ferrero Rocher, 72 Cals
            2 Quacker Honey Nut Oatmeal Bisquits, 90 Cals
Dinner: 1 Boiled Corn on the Cob, 66 Cals
Snack: 1/3 cup of fresh milk, 47 Cals
             3 Chocolate Chip Cookies, 225 Cals

Exercise: 15mins 'HeartTrob' Workout, approx. 133 Cals

Will do the measurements at the end of the week... Mostly 'coz I'm too tired, and my head's throbbing... Ciaoz.

Too much for lunch?

So I've just had lunch - Hokkien Mee. And a $4 packet at that. Bad idea...

Instead of feeling slightly full / hungry, I'm feeling stuffed!

The whole point if eating less is so that my stomach gets used to that amount of food. Instead, it's probably getting bigger... Better luck tomorrow then.

Breakfast: 1/3 cup of fresh milk, 47 Cals
Lunch: Hokkien Mee, 615 Cals
Pokka Premium Milk Coffee, 105 Cals.
Snack: Ferrero Rocher, 72 Cals

I'm using the 'MyFitnessPal' iPhone app to keep track of my calorie intake and exercises done. It's pretty good 'coz they've got quite a large database of food and drinks. Their exercise database isn't that good 'coz it doesn't recognise the Nike Training Club's names for certain exercises e.g. Crazy Ivans

Anyway, I'm only allowed 1200 Cals a day, and after lunch and breakfast, I'm only allowed 361 Cals more. That's not much... Will check what I've got in the fridge later!

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Time To Get In Shape!

So I've decided to get in shape. No more flabby belly, no more sucking in my gut when I'm standing sideways, no more underwear band rolling down under the belly!

11 years ago, I was 41.3KG. 4 years after that, I was 45KG, and I couldn't go over 45KG if I tried!

Now I'm 53.5KG...

Now granted, I was 41.3KG with a LOT of exercise (sports CCA). But I was eating upsized extra value meals after every training!

Anyway, now I want to get fit! But I'm poor... So that means no fancy western-style healthy dishes... It also means no gym for the time being.

This is the plan. I'm going to get fit using the Nike Training Club iPhone app! And by trying to find healthy and cheap things to eat in Singapore...

Start Date: 22 February 2011
Weight: 53.5KG
Waist: 78.5 cm / 31 inches (OMG!!!)
Hips: 85.5 cm / 33 3/4 inches
Butt: 93 cm / 36 3/4 inches
Thigh: 54 cm / 21 1/4 inches

Gonna do a 'Get Focused' - 'Ab Burner' routine 'coz it's only 15 mins long. It's 12:30 am now and I need to sleep!

The Plan

So I think i've passed my last exam. Results will be out in October and the loan repayments start in December. 2 months to find a full-time job... So this is the plan.

  1. Brush up on C++, C#, Java, and Visual Basic.
  2. Start sending out resumes, answer online ads, check the newspaper. If by mid October I'm still unemployed, go to the employment agency.
  3. Get a job and try not to get fired.
  4. Start paying off loan, paying off crazy-ass mother, and buy parts for the com, and get some proper games.
  5. After 5 or 6 years, after the loan is payed, BUY A CAR!!!!
So that's the plan. Need to get off my ass and start doing it. Need to go return that Stephen King book to the library first. Haven't got money to pay for library fines. T___T

This whole job thing's really making me nervous. Don't want to have any responsibility but don't want to be at the bottom of the food chain either.

Anyway, going over to remake the creme brulee now. Ja!
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